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Over the last several days the papers, TV news programs and online media have been riddled with stories regarding the swine flu. Many people, in the hundreds, have been admitted to hospitals around the world reporting symptoms of the deadly virus. Officials are warning people off crowded places, which begs the question: Can we prevent ourselves from infection by using web conferencing as opposed to traveling for meetings? (more…)

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With Earth Day 2009 in full swing, people and organizations are promoting a healthier planet via thousands of environmentally-friendly activities, one of which can include the use of screen sharing technology. By reducing travel time and face-to-face meetings, screen sharing is an example of Green IT that allows people to organize meetings over the Web, and hence significantly reduce CO2 gas emissions. (more…)

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Good news – today we have released the remote control feature for Mac users! This allows you to start a meeting from a Mac or PC, and then assist others via remote support, regardless of whether they join your meeting from a Mac or PC. Now you can use Mikogo as a cross-platform tool for not only web conferences and online meetings but also remote support, and you won’t pay a cent. (more…)

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