In this blog post we’d like to provide a little insight for the Mikogo Community on how to use the Mikogo Meeting Scheduler, and how to organize and get the best from your free online meetings.

Opening the Scheduler
The first thing to note, is that you can open your Scheduler before you start a meeting or during a meeting. Click on the M icon in the system tray and select “Scheduler”:

Mikogo menu scheduler

The Scheduler then opens, and in this case you can see that I have already scheduled 2 meetings:
(Click on image to enlarge and view it)

Meeting Scheduler

To Start a Scheduled Meeting
In order for a scheduled meeting to start, you have to open your Scheduler and click “Start”. Meetings will not begin automatically simply because the scheduled time and date has been reached – this is for security reasons.
To start a scheduled meeting, click on the meeting so it is highlighted in blue and then click “Start”.

Starting a Meeting

The meeting will begin and you will receive the Meeting Info window containing the exact same ID as assigned in the Scheduler i.e. 524-644-209

Scheduled Mikogo Meeting Started

Once you have started the meeting, the meeting will be highlighted in green in your Scheduler indicating that the meeting is now in progress:

Meetings in progress will be highlighted in green

1. Start the same meeting at any time:
Please note that you do not have to start the meeting at the exact time that was scheduled. In this case the meeting was originally scheduled for 6th Feb 2009 at 11:30am. However if I wish I can start the same meeting at any time and day I wish e.g. today Wednesday 18th March 2009

2. Meeting ID will always be the same:
For any scheduled meeting, the same meeting ID will always be saved in my scheduler and I can start this meeting with this ID at any time I wish. This allows me to save multiple meeting IDs and send them in advance to my meeting participants. So I can start this particular meeting whenever I wish and I will always receive this ID, 524-644-209.

Scheduling a New Meeting
To add a new scheduled meeting, click on “New”. The window, seen below, opens and you can then set the following:

  • Topic
  • Start (including date, time and time zone)
  • Expected Duration
  • Recurrence Pattern
  • Your Name
  • Meeting Password (only if you wish to set a password for the meeting)

Scheduling a new meeting

Conference Call Information
If you intend to use the Mikogo Voice Conferencing service, tick the checkbox as in the image above. This will simply include the call conference info in your scheduled meeting details, which you can later send to your participants. You can later choose if you actually wish to have a conference call with your participants or not. Ticking the checkbox just means you opt to send your participants this info.

If you wish to send your participants info for another conferencing service, you can do so by checking “Use Own Conference Call Service”. This will then allow you to type in the white text box below and provide the information on your conference call service that your participants will require.
Tick the disk icon under the text box to save this info for later needs.

Enter your own conference service details here

If you wish to receive an email shortly before your scheduled meeting to remind you, tick “Remind Me” and enter your email address in the field.

Enter your email address to recieve a reminder email shortly before the meeting

When you have filled out all the fields you require, click “Save”. You will then see your Scheduler again containing the new scheduled meeting.

Scheduler with the new meeting

Starting Today’s Meeting
Come the day of a scheduled meeting, in this case today is Wednesday, the meeting scheduled for the day will be highlighted in orange. When it comes to the scheduled time, click on the meeting and click “Start”. You will then receive the Meeting Info Window with the appropriate meeting ID.

Meeting scheduled for today. Click on the meeting and then click Start

Sending the Meeting Info to Participants
From the image above you can see a few buttons at the bottom of the Scheduler. Click on your meeting of choice, and then click “Email Invitation”. Alternatively you can click on “Copy Invitation” and then paste the info into a new email. This will contain all the info that you included when you made the new scheduled meeting. Then email it to your participants.
Of course you can do this days before the meeting begins and notify your participants of the upcoming meeting.

Participants Joining a Meeting
Say for example, yesterday you emailed your participants the info for today’s meeting. A couple of minutes before you start the meeting, a participant goes to, clicks on “Join Meeting” and enters the meeting ID. In this case, the participant will arrive in the waiting room until you start the meeting:

Participants who join the meeting before the organizer has started it will arrive in the waiting room

A couple of minutes later when you do in fact start the meeting, the participants who are in the waiting room will instantly be joined to the meeting.