If you are new to Mikogo we want to give you a short introduction how to start and use Mikogo on the Mac.

Once you have downloaded it, copy the file to your location of choice e.g. the program folder. To start Mikogo, double click on the file. At this point the Mikogo splash screen will appear in the center of your screen:
Mikogo Mac Splashscreen
Along with the M icon in both the dock and the menu bar:
Mikogo M icon in the menu and dock

After clicking the M icon in the menu bar you can either start or join a Mikogo meeting:
Mikogo Start Meeting

The first time you start a meeting you will be prompted to enter your Mikogo username and password:
Mikogo Settings
After you have entered your account details and clicked OK, Mikogo will automatically start the meeting.

Once your Mikogo meeting has started, a window with your meeting ID will appear:
Mikogo Meeting Info

Participants can download the Mac version by clicking here. Upon opening and starting the Mikogo file, they will receive the M icon in the dock and menu bar (just like the meeting organizer). To join the meeting, click on the M icon in the menu bar and select “Join Meeting”:
Join Mikogo meeting

The Join Meeting window will appear for the participant to enter the 9-digit meeting ID:
Enter meeting ID to join

During a meeting you can access the Mikogo features by clicking the M icon and from there you can pause the meeting, switch presenter, lock the meeting room, open the meeting info window or end the meeting:

Mikogo Mac menu

Further info is available on the Mikogo Mac webpage