Well, here it is: the Mikogo Mac Beta version! You’ve no doubt read about this via my email yesterday, or blog post the day before, or perhaps a friend/colleague of yours let you in on the goss. Whatever the reason, I imagine you are here because you are keen to test the Mikogo Mac Beta version and contact us with your feedback.

A few things to note:

The client is cross platform, so that both Mac and PC users can start meetings, and invite both Mac and PC users to participate. I.e. Windows participants can join a meeting started by a Mac user. This means a few different downloads:

Mac Download: There is just one download to both start and join meetings with a Mac.
Mikogo Mac Client (.dmg)

Windows Download:
Mikogo Organizer – this is needed to start meetings
Mikogo Participant – this is needed to join meetings. (just download, not an install)

There are no passwords required to receive the above files – simply download them.

Once you have downloaded the Mikogo Mac client, you can start meetings by using your current Mikogo username and password. For those beta testers who are new to Mikogo, you can register for a free Mikogo account here. Please note, that only the meeting organizer needs account details. Participants do not need to register in order to join.

Getting Mikogo Started on the Mac
For details and screenshots on getting Mikogo started on the Mac, please take a look at the Mikogo Mac webpage.

Beta Feedback
As mentioned Mikogo is now cross platform. Ideally it would be great to receive beta feedback from a range of different scenarios (if it is possible). e.g. Mac/PC as organizer and Mac/PC as participant.

Once you have tested the Mikogo Mac Beta version and you wish to send us your feedback, please take note of the following:
1. all feedback should be sent to mac(at)mikogo.com
2. Please include your hardware and software specifications
3. If you find a problem/bug, please help us by providing a detailed description, ideally with screenshots and with steps on how this may be reproduced.

Please understand that we require the above points to ensure that we can quickly identify problems, fix them, and then officially finalize the Mac version for everyone.

Features Available in Mikogo Mac version

  • Starting and joining meetings
  • Switch presenter
  • Mouse pointer for participants
  • Zoom viewing screen

We will release new Mac beta versions with further features (e.g. remote control) as and when they become available – so stay tuned πŸ™‚

We’re keen to officially release the Mac version, so once again thanks for your help and beta testing.