Mikogo is stretching its neck out into the world of Twitter and sharing news & tweets with a growing number of followers. Drop by our Twitter page and check out the ride that is Mikogo on Twitter 🙂

Mikogo TwitterYes, we have jumped on board the Twitter bandwagon and so far enjoying the trip. Over the last couple of weeks we have been:

  • receiving messages from Mikogo Twitter users who wanted to say Hi to the Mikogo Team
  • informing others about Mikogo’s free screen sharing
  • reading interesting news stories shared by our followers
  • and sharing interesting stories from around the Web

We’ve also met people from around the world who messaged us regarding their interest in using Mikogo’s free desktop sharing for their online meetings.

So far I must say we’ve been enjoying the tweets and the messages that we’ve been receiving. Such as Rick letting us know that he finds Mikogo “VERY handy for troubleshooting and support issues” and then dropped by our blog to leave a comment.
Or my personal favourite, being reminded by Wayne of the current warm summer temperatures back home in Australia. Cheers 🙂

Thank you to our followers for contacting us and sharing your tweets.

Check out the Mikogo Twitter page, feel free to follow us and share your tweets, daily news stories, ideas, etc. Looking forward to reading your tweets.