As you know, today was the release of the latest version of Mikogo, v2.0.3. When using this version and looking to playback recorded meetings, there is something to take note of.

When upgrading to v2.0.3, you may have uninstalled your previous version of Mikogo then downloaded and installed the new version. If so, then to playback your recorded meetings you can simply open your Start Menu, go to “Mikogo”, then Meeting Player, and open your recorded v2.0.3 meetings.

Meeting Player from Start Menu

However if you proceeded with the automatic upgrade and are looking to playback your recorded v2.0.3 meetings, there is a slight issue during playback when using the Meeting Player that you access under “Mikogo” via the Start menu.
Consequently, we would suggest downloading the Mikogo Meeting Player separately to playback your recorded meetings. Download Mikogo Meeting Player.

Alternatively if you do not wish to download the Meeting Player, simply uninstall and re-install Mikogo as mentioned above. Download Mikogo. This will provide you with the Meeting Player which you can then access via the Start Menu and playback your meetings.

Need to playback a Mikogo meeting which was recorded with a previous version? No worries. You can download previous Meeting Player versions here:
MeetingPlayer-Version-1-0-0 can playback recordings with file name extension .bsr
MeetingPlayer-Version-2-0-0 can playback recordings with file name extension .bs3

Update: these previous meeting players are no longer supported. Please download the latest Mikogo session player.