An inevitable consequence of the current global financial crisis is that of job loss. As job loss becomes a hot topic of discussion around the world, it would appear that those fortunate enough to remain employed are not exactly enjoying the old days of quality business life – especially when it comes to business travel.

Traveling business class, or even traveling in itself, is one area which is becoming a simple memory of the former ‘pre-financial crisis’ business life. It has been reported that business travel is indeed decreasing, with more and more business travelers having to travel in economy as a way of saving costs.

The implication is clear. With less business travelers, comes tougher financial times for the airline industry. One of the worst hit airlines is that of British Airways, who reported a decrease of over 8% in business traffic relative to a year earlier, while Lufthansa have also noted a decline in business passengers.

In order to keep their heads above water, airlines are expected to cut capacity by, for example, reducing the number of flights.

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