Something we have noticed over recent months, is the repeated mention of Mikogo on a range of different sorts of blogs and websites, and interestingly, in a vast amount of different languages. This led us to the obvious question: Where in the world are the Mikogo users?

At this point, the Mikogo Community is comprised of users from over 160 countries! Based on this, it is easy to imagine how Mikogo facilitates greater communication across the globe via the Internet and free desktop sharing.
It really is great to see that Mikogo is being enjoyed in so many countries. Considering that Mikogo is in English, it comes as no surprise that our free online meeting app is used primarily in the USA. However Mikogo is clearly popular in more countries than just the English-speaking world, and therefore it is definitely one of our big plans this year to have Mikogo translated into several languages – an exciting task at hand, and something that will no doubt appeal to thousands of Mikogo users around the world.
For those who enjoy a good blogging session, we would love to see more and more blog posts about Mikogo in your own native language. If you are blogging about Mikogo, feel free to let us know about your post by leaving a comment below.