As you may be aware, we have been planning a new-look website for Mikogo. Following the launch of the new website, we’ll be keen to make headway quickly on getting Mikogo into several new languages.
The question: what will be the next language for Mikogo? German? Spanish? Polish? Let us know what you think should be the next language. Simply vote below by checking the tickbox next to your language of choice, and then click on “Vote” at the bottom.

Thanks for voting 🙂 Very interested to see the results!

Interested in translating Mikogo?

In order to translate Mikogo into further languages, we are searching for volunteers to assist the Mikogo Team. Several people have already contacted us over the last 12 months offering to volunteer and translate Mikogo into their native language. This has been great and we look forward to seeing more people raise their hand & join the growing Mikogo Translator Community.

So if you’re keen to see Mikogo in your native language, please get in contact with us by sending us an email to or by leaving a comment below.

The more volunteers, the merrier – and most importantly, you’ll have Mikogo in your own language even sooner.

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If you vote for “Other” language, please leave a comment below containing which language you are interested in seeing Mikogo in.

Thanks again!