As a result of globalization and the growth of multinational corporations, business travel has become the norm in order for colleagues and clients to meet. Companies have consequently been bearing the brunt of the corresponding hefty travel expenses, a cost which is being seriously questioned by corporate executives especially in light of recent economic events.

As economic development has in the past been the driving force between corporate expansion and therefore business travel, the current declining economy has brought about discussion on how companies can introduce cost-cutting strategies to their travel policies and in some cases even eradicate business travel expenses.

Many corporations have already started minimizing their travel expenses, and it would appear that their solution is to simply not travel. With this fall in demand on top of already high oil prices, airlines will need to make up for that revenue in other places. If airline rates do increase, as some have predicted, corporations will have more to think about when considering the need for business travel.

Cutting down on travel costs has become an important issue and companies are eliminating these costs while simultaneously saving valuable work hours, simply by using online collaboration software solutions.

Such practical and effective software solutions not only save companies time and money, but also play a vital role in the reduction of C02 emissions by eliminating the need to travel.

For tens-of-thousands of private users and small businesses, the Mikogo free desktop sharing tool provides the ideal solution by allowing the meeting organizer to invite up to 10 participants to an online meeting.

Small and medium-sized enterprises seeking a means to collaborate online, employ the services of the multiple BeamYourScreen fee-based software products and benefit from up to 20 meeting participants along with a wide range of features, including the award-winning HTML viewer.

Using desktop sharing software, you can save time and money by chairing a professional meeting directly from your desk with attendees participating from all over the globe.

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