Today I would like to give you a quick tour through our new meeting recording and playback feature.

To start recording your meeting just click on the “M” icon, move your mouse to “Recording” and click “Start”.

Start Recording

If this is the first time you have recorded a meeting, you will be asked where you want the recording to be saved. We suggest that you save the recordings under My Documents/Mikogo/records, but you can of course select your preferred folder. Keep in mind that after selecting your preferred location Mikogo will automatically save your future recordings to this location.

Save Recording

If you later wish to change the location please go into the Mikogo settings and select the “Start Options” tab where you can select a different location for your recordings.

Mikogo Settings

When you are recording a meeting a red circle will show up in the Mikogo menu, which indicates that you are currently recording your meeting. During the recording you have the following options:

  • Pause – Recording will be paused and can be resumed at any time. If you paused the recording a blue icon will be shown in the Mikogo menu
  • Stop – Recording will be stopped and saved in your chosen location (see above).
  • Cancel – Recording will be stopped but not saved


Paused Recording

It’s important to note that recorded meetings can only be played back with the Mikogo Meeting Player. The Meeting Player is located in the Mikogo program folder. Alternatively the Meeting Player can be downloaded separately.

Meeting Player

Meeting Player

To playback a recorded meeting, click on the folder icon in order to select the recorded meeting.

Select Recorded Meeting

When you open a recorded meeting for the first time an “Index missing” window will pop-up and asks you to index the recorded meeting. Indexing allows you to jump back and forth randomly to different positions in the recording during playback.

Index Missing Window

After indexing the recording you can playback and watch your meeting.


The Meeting Player control panel gives you the following options during playback:

Meeting Player

From left to right:

  • Open recorded session
  • Stop playback
  • Play/Pause playback
  • Decrease playback speed
  • Increase playback speed
  • Rewind 2 seconds
  • Forward 2 seconds
  • Automatic zoom
  • Maximize playback window

And finally, a few extra details about the free Mikogo meeting recordings

  • Meetings are recorded in a proprietary file format (.bs4) and can just be played back with the Mikogo Meeting Player. Exporting the recorded meeting into a different file format is not supported.
  • There needs to be at least one participant in your Mikogo meeting to record the meeting. If you don’t have any participants in your meeting, you can still click on “Start” recording but Mikogo will not record your screen.
  • Only your screen will be recorded. Audio is not supported.

Now you have a great way to keep track and record your free Mikogo meetings.

Enjoy your weekend!

Download the Meeting Player