new mikogo versionAs of tomorrow, the new Mikogo version 2.0 will replace the current version of the software. This means that your future Mikogo meetings will now take place using Version 2.0 in conjunction with your current user account.

NEWS: Mikogo v2.0.1 is here and ready for download!

How to Upgrade

To gain access to the new Mikogo software tomorrow, we recommend our users do the following:

1. Uninstall Previous Mikogo Version
We first recommend that you uninstall your previous version of Mikogo. Before you do this be sure to first close your current Mikogo version, by clicking on the system tray M icon and selecting Exit.

Uninstall Mikogo by opening the Start Menu and locating under Mikogo from within Programs.

On Vista, this will prompt a User Account Control window informing you that uninstall.exe is about to run. Please select “Allow”.
A window will then pop-up asking you to confirm the uninstallation. Click “Yes” and the “Uninstallation completed successfully” window will appear.

2. Download and Install Mikogo v2.0.1
Download the new version by clicking here. A window will appear asking you to open Mikogo-Starter.exe.

Once you have downloaded and saved it, double-click on the Mikogo Starter file to install Mikogo v2.0.1.

On Vista this will prompt a User Account Control window, asking for your permission to start the Mikogo Starter Program. Please click “Continue”.

A quick installation will take place. This is very fast and will finish with an M icon on your desktop, the Mikogo welcome screen, and finally the system tray M icon will appear with a notification window above.

Mikogo Started

3. Start a Meeting with Version 2.0.1
Click on the M icon in your system tray and select “Start Meeting”. As this is your first meeting, this will open the Mikogo Settings window.

Mikogo Settings

Enter your username (i.e. registered email address), your password and your name in the settings. This info will be saved for your future meetings.

To make life easy, there is no need to register a new account. Your current account will work perfectly on the new software. If you have forgotten your password, please click here for a new password.

Click Ok, and the meeting will begin. A notification window above the M icon, as well as the Meeting Info window, with the current meeting ID.

Distribute the 9-digit ID to your meeting participants for them to join your free screen sharing.

If you accidentally enter the incorrect details (username or password), you can click on the M icon in the system tray, and select Settings to re-enter your details. If this happens, it is important that you clear out all fields in the settings and then re-enter the user details.

Note: both the meeting organizer as well as the participants will need to update. Participants can receive the new participant program here or by clicking on the “Join Meeting” link on the Mikogo homepage.

Test your Mikogo connection: if you would like to check whether you have properly upgraded and installed the new version, try the following:

  • Click on the M icon in your system tray
  • Select “Join Meeting”
  • Enter meeting ID: 000-000-000

This will connect you to a continual meeting which is a slide show and confirms that you are successfully connected. If you see this, then you have upgraded perfectly and are ready to begin!

For further assistance with upgrading, please leave a comment below or on the Mikogo Forum.