The release of the new version tomorrow will involve an upgrade of the Mikogo server in order to release the new version and make it available for all users.
Consequently the Mikogo service will unfortunately be unavailable while we prepare the new version. We expect to perform the upgrade within less than an hour, starting tomorrow Friday 31st October at 7:00am GMT London Time.

Due to the early hour, we expect that this downtime will not affect the high majority of the Mikogo users. However for those who have planned to host free Mikogo meetings at this time tomorrow, we do not wish this to cause any inconvenience. Consequently we invite everyone planning an online meeting for tomorrow to download a free trial of our premium Web collaboration tool, BeamYourScreen.

Awarded for Best Innovations in Communications, BeamYourScreen provides a professional and complete solution to desktop sharing and online collaboration. You’ll find BeamYourScreen incorporates a similar User Interface and setup process to that of Mikogo, making it very easy to use and get started. Throughout the 7-day free trial you will have full access to all the added BeamYourScreen features and service, including the award winning HTML viewer, and live customer support. This is a non-binding trial with no credit card details required, and will automatically end after 7 days.
Download your free BeamYourScreen trial.

The BeamYourScreen HTML Viewer
When inviting participants to join a BeamYourScreen meeting you can take advantage of the award-winning HTML viewer. This quick, effortless solution is free of downloads, installations, and registrations, and allows any computer with an internet connection and web browser to participate in a meeting.

Furthermore, we developed the HTML viewer to be free of Java, Active X and Flash, therefore making it available for everyone to use at any time. Check out the HTML viewer with your free BeamYourScreen trial.