Over recent months Mikogo has recorded fast growth in the number of daily meetings as well as the duration of the average meeting. With this blog post we would like to release some recent statistics on the use of Mikogo.

In September 2008 alone, Mikogo hosted 51,643 free online meetings with a daily average of 1721 meetings. Such an astounding number of daily meetings shows a great increase in the use of Mikogo. In fact this figure is 20% greater than that of the previous month – which is great to see!
And throughout September, it would appear that Mikogo was used for a little more than just the quick 2 minute remote support session, or occassional 5 minute sales pitch. In actuality, the September 51,643 Mikogo meetings averaged 40minutes.

And what about any new users and growth? Well, yesterday Mikogo reached the 60,000 user mark! Thank you to everyone who has signed up for Mikogo and has contributed to this milestone. When we look back a bit, Mikogo had 30,000 users in mid June – so yesterday’s milestone shows that Mikogo’s user base has doubled since then. On 16th September we announced that Mikogo then had 50,000 users, which means that the latest 10,000 new Mikogo users have joined in under 6 weeks.
Furthermore, Mikogo is proving to be a great global software name, with the September new registered users coming from over 100 separate countries.

In sum, it’s great to see that our users are finding more and more opportunities to employ Mikogo and meet online. It is also fantastic to know that so many people are organizing and participating in online meetings for such long durations.

It would be great to hear how you’ve been benefiting from free desktop sharing over the last months. Please feel free to leave your comments below and let us know how you’ve recently being using Mikogo.