Mikogo Sykpe

Recently there has been a bit of hype and news surrounding the Mikogo Skype Extra. Our free screen sharing tool just appeared in the Skype Developer Program Newsletter with an article detailing the technology behind Mikogo. This is an interesting read for anyone who is curious about how it’s possible to collaborate over the Web in real time and how Mikogo meeting connections are established.

And yesterday we just released a news story worldwide on the Mikogo Skype Extra along with a user guide web page. This is a great web page which details step-by-step how you and your Skype contacts can get the Mikogo Extra and start a free online meeting. So check out the Skype Mikogo page to get started.

The Mikogo Skype Extra has been a big hit so far, and we believe it will continue to do so as it provides an ideal solution to Web conferencing by allowing any Skype user to share their desktop with multiple Skype contacts while talking to them via free Skype calls.

And best of all…….it’s FREE!