Since the launch of Mikogo, we have offered our screen sharing app free of charge. There are no limitations and no hidden catches. And no, you’re not dreaming.
While this is a really great offer and a great tool, we have received many questions regarding our business plan and how it is possible for us to provide Mikogo for free. We’ve all heard the expression, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, so it’s understandable that some people are a little surprised that they can use Mikogo without reaching for their wallet/purse or without being scammed in some horrible way.

So how is Mikogo possible?
Mikogo is provided by BeamYourScreen the renowned provider of Web collaboration solutions. BeamYourScreen’s product range includes software solutions for online meetings, Web presentations, and remote support. The customers of BeamYourScreen include small, medium and large global corporations, such as Toshiba, Yamaha and Roche. Currently there are over 1400 customers worldwide benefiting from the BeamYourScreen technology.
However we received numerous requests for BeamYourScreen to provide a cheap/free screen sharing tool for private users who just wanted to host the occasional simple screen sharing meeting. For example some people just wanted something that they could use quickly to assist friends or family with computer issues via remote control. Others wanted an easy-to-use tool for online presentations and meetings.

With this in mind, the idea of Mikogo was created – a fun, easy-to-use and free tool for everyone to enjoy. Within Mikogo you’ll find all the important features of Web collaboration, such as screen sharing, switch presenter, remote control, and file transfer. However we keep Mikogo simple and easy to use for everyone, and consequently it is primarily targeted for use by private users and small businesses. On the other hand, customers using our fee-based BeamYourScreen products, who need greater Web collaboration capabilities, benefit from a wider range of features and high quality live customer support.

So why do we do it?
We hope that by providing Mikogo we will receive a lot of feedback on our tool and its capabilities, and that we can take this user experience and apply it to the BeamYourScreen tools to provide even greater service for our customers. Furthermore, small businesses using Mikogo may find that in the near future they require greater features and services, and therefore make the decision to upgrade to BeamYourScreen.

We don’t ask for much in return. A little feedback here and there via the blog and forum, but that’s about it. Other than that, it’s pretty close to a free lunch.

There are now over 45,000 Mikogo users who are enjoying our tool. If you wish to leave a comment about how you find our free service, please feel free to do so.