There’s been a bit of talk and gossip going on within the Mikogo Community and the Web collaboration world about a possible new Mikogo version…….

And the buzz is true. We are currently working on a new version which will be released soon with several additional features to be included. So with all this buzz going around, we thought we’d let you all in on our plans and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect in the next version.

Drum roll, please!!

New features will include:

Whiteboard: with this you will be able to highlight areas of your presentation or meeting with an easy-to-use toolbar.

Mikogo Whiteboard Tool

Back Monitor: this small box, highlighted in the bottom right corner of the picture, shows you exactly what the participants can see when viewing your screen.

Mikogo Back Monitor

Scheduler: a great new feature that allows you to schedule multiple meetings in advance and send emails to all your meeting participants to give them the heads up. To make sure you’re organized and prepared for all your meetings, you can select to receive a reminder email prior to the start of the meeting. Also, there’ll be a waiting room for any keen participant that joins the meeting before the organizer, providing a professional means of getting together for your online meetings.

Mikogo Scheduler

Session recording: with this feature you and the meeting participants will be able to record the meetings for later playback and for your own records.

Email meeting ID and time to participants: simply click the button and an email will be prepared containing the directions and details for your meeting participants.

Copy Meeting ID: If you just wish to send your participants the meeting ID, you can simply click the button and copy the ID – quick and hassle-free.
Mikogo Meeting Info

The new Mikogo Menu:
Mikogo Menu

So there’s what you can expect in the next version. We think the new software will give a lot more flexibility and possibilities when organizing and participating in Mikogo meetings, and we’re looking forward to getting it out there and hearing your feedback.

And last but not least, will the new version be free? Absolutely. All the new features will be included for free.