Hi and Welcome to the new Mikogo Blog!

We’re very excited to officially open our blog and keen to get posting!

With the Mikogo Blog, you’ll be able to read all about the latest and greatest Mikogo news on what’s going on with our cool free screen sharing app. This will include such things as Mikogo press stories, developments with the new version, new website content, etc…

Firstly, to familiarize you all with us here at the Mikogo Team, a few brief introductions are in order:
Mark and Erik: the Mikogo founders and brains behind the tool.
Steffen: is the Mikogo Team’s Online Marketing Manager
Andrew: is a part of the Mikogo Online Marketing team and is also responsible for the app’s press releases.
Georgi: is our Mikogo Tech Support specialist and can be seen regularly posting on the Mikogo Forum.

Now you know who we are and who you can expect to see blogging here. We’re very keen to keep the Mikogo community growing, so feel free to comment on our blog and introduce yourself. We hope to get to know more and more about the Mikogo users from across the planet this way.

So be sure to check us out here and feel free to subscribe to our feed.


The Mikogo Team