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Mikogo Launches Version 5 with Cross-Platform VoIP for Online Meetings

Added on February 12, 2014, View PDF

Mikogo Provides Remote Support Solution for LogMeIn Free Users

Added on January 23, 2014, View PDF

Mikogo Ranked as Best Online Meeting Tool in Review

Added on November 13, 2013, View PDF

Mikogo Awarded ISO 9001 Certification – Highest Recognition for Quality Management

Added on October 28, 2013, View PDF

“A simple and quick installation and setup process, a slim meeting planner, as well as high security standards must all be mentioned on the plus side of this online meeting solution.”

“It is easy to start hosting a Mikogo session: You simply need to get the client and run it (no installation required) ….. with a few clicks, we switched things around, and suddenly I was viewing his desktop and pointing things out.”

“Where Mikogo shines is one-click reversal, you can nearly instantly switch from the current desktop to a viewer’s desktop.”

“A group of colleagues can virtually huddle around one screen to edit a project collaboratively from their separate desks, or a single user can conduct a product demonstration as the rest of the group watches.”

“The Mikogo updates that make it into a more useful web conferencing tool, including a multi-user whiteboard and chat features.”

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