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Plaça Espanya BarcelonaLike any regular Thursday, I’m working away on the day’s tasks at Mikogo. But this week I’m abroad in Barcelona, Spain, using online meetings and the Web to work remotely. Instead of going to Barcelona for just a few days of holiday, I arrived in Barcelona a week before my actual holiday begins. By preparing myself to work abroad I have increased my time in Spain but can still easily collaborate with my colleagues and get the job done. During the workday, I’m here at my laptop. Later I’m exploring the streets of Barcelona.
These days just about anyone can do the same with a small bit of preparation. Here are my tips on how you can set yourself up to work remotely abroad.

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effective remote team managementThanks to the Internet, there are other ways to work a professional job besides a traditional workplace setting. Many people choose a virtual setting for employment due to the independence it offers, among other things. However, while remote work arrangements do have their advantages, they also come with their own unique challenges.

For remote team supervisors, keeping their team interconnected, on track, and productive can become tricky. With the challenges imposed by many team members working in different locations, how is a remote team leader to keep his or her team on point and going strong? Well, it starts with reinforcing best practices for effective remote team management, and understanding why these practices are successful in getting results.

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Remote TeamThe vast number of online tools and systems these days make it more and more possible for companies to introduce remote working possibilities. If you are a remote worker or managing remote workers, you are going to want to equip yourself with the best tools to increase productivity. However with so many tools out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure which ones are really required.
Below we take a look at the top 5 collaboration tools for managing a remote team, which we recommend from our point of view as a software company. Clearly, Mikogo is one of the tools we recommend. But as regular Mikogo readers, you already know about our software. Mikogo covers screen sharing, VoIP and other online meeting features. So below we will look at software tools that offer other valuable functions when working in a remote team. I haven’t gone into too much detail about what every tool does. If I did that, I could write a separate blog post on each! Instead I will just highlight the core functionalities, how they benefit us, and how they could benefit your remote team. (more…)

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