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Initial Viewing DirectionIn a regular Mikogo session, your client/participant will join your session and see your screen. But for remote support purposes, you are more likely to want to view and control their screen without them initially seeing your screen.
This is the purpose of Mikogo’s “Initial Viewing Direction” settings. Without having to switch presenter, you can immediately see the screen of your participant when they join your session. Ideal for remote support. Read below for more details.

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Mikogo TipsRecently, a few Mikogo users asked if there is a way for them to get their participants to automatically join a session with a preset session ID. The reason for this – simplicity for the participant. If a participant, especially someone who is new to Mikogo and screen sharing, doesn’t need to enter the session ID but rather just opens the participant software and is automatically joined to the session, that is one less thing that you need to explain to your client. This is possible for participants joining from a Windows computer and the following blog post explains how you can do this.

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Remote Software 101Remote software… It can come across as a strange term at first. When you consider the word “remote”, some might think of the TV remote control while others might think about a child’s remote control car flying around the backyard. However neither of these thoughts quite lead to remote software solutions. After a recent conversation the other day, it occurred to me that many businesses are still unaware of this technology, and so this blog post can be considered as a kind of “remote software 101″ lesson – for all those who are scouring the Web for a quick guide.

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Mikogo ApplicationWe did once write a blog post about Mikogo’s portable version, but that was almost 18months ago! So it’s perfectly understandable if some of you have forgotten that you can start and join Mikogo sessions from a USB drive, without having to install the software. Consequently, I thought it was about time that we remind ourselves about how to use the Mikogo portable software. (more…)

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The Internet is truly a remarkable thing. Whether it be search engines, social media platforms or collaboration software, information from all over the world can be accessed with just a few keystrokes. Today when we have a question, we tend to say “just Google it”. Or if we’re going to get in contact with someone, you’ll hear “I’ll Skype you”, or “look me up on Facebook”.Remote desktop software security And now, through the use of remote desktop software such as Mikogo, we’re even accessing entire computers via the Internet. Well, not quite for hardware issues – however wouldn’t that be impressive :-) But as we now turn to the Internet for so many needs, it is important to learn to play safe – an issue we take a look at below. (more…)

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