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Magnocall In-CallHow do you make calls these days? Do you use your phone or do you use the Web? The Mikogo Team has been working on a new product which will dramatically simplify and enrich your phone calls over the Web: Magnocall. It’s a video calling service and it’s completely download free. We’re very excited to bring Magnocall to you and we would love to hear your feedback – try it today.

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Mikogo iPhoneEver needed to participate in an online meeting but unable to get to your computer? Now you can with the newly released Mikogo mobile apps. There are two apps available, with the first being available for use on an iPhone or iPad (iOS app) while the second app is for use on Android phones and tablets.

The apps allow the user to join a Mikogo session from their mobile device and view the computer screen of the presenter in real-time.

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Global SchoolNetIt is common to think that Mikogo’s remote desktop solution is primarily used by companies for online meetings and remote support sessions, and consequently it can come as a surprise to some to learn that today online collaboration solutions are considered highly effective and important within the field of education. More and more schools and teachers are implementing collaboration technologies to assist in students in the classroom. Furthermore, online teaching is rising in popularity and bringing children from all over the world into a common virtual classroom.

Mikogo is happy to be a part of the world of online education, and more so when we learnt about Global SchoolNet and how this organization has been using our software to bring children and teachers together to learn and collaborate online. (more…)

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London TubeAs the time approached, the City of London moved to ensure that today’s tube strikes went smoothly without major disruptions. More buses and extra room for boat passengers were organized. But despite all these preparations, practically all tube lines were suspended or delayed at some point and it’s been reported that over 3 million commuters would have to walk to work. In fact if you live and work in London, it’s hard not to know about and be affected by today’s tube strikes – that is unless of course your company allows you the opportunity to work from home. (more…)

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Fandraft Mikogo TweetThe other day, I received a tweet from FanDraft, the provider of a Fantasy Football Drafting software solution, about how Mikogo is making waves in the world of fantasy sports.
In fantasy football, owners (those participating in the fantasy sports game) meet together and use their software to track and present the draft results to the rest of the league.

But what happens when some members of the league cannot meet for the draft? (more…)

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