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As a result of globalization and the growth of multinational corporations, business travel has become the norm in order for colleagues and clients to meet. Companies have consequently been bearing the brunt of the corresponding hefty travel expenses, a cost which is being seriously questioned by corporate executives especially in light of recent economic events. (more…)

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Since Mikogo stepped on to the collaboration market, we have received many emails congratulating us on the free desktop sharing tool. While the majority of people have written to compliment and praise us for providing a software tool that meets their online meeting needs, a few have done a little more than this by sharing a couple of their creative and impressive experiences of Mikogo.

Yesterday we received one such email from a regular Mikogo user, Mark Lantz. (more…)

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Almost 4 months ago we launched the Mikogo Blog and since then a lot of things have happened:

  • There are now almost 70,000 Mikogo Users
  • New Mikogo Version with additional features
  • Made the first step for internationalizing Mikogo
  • Mikogo appeared in the Skype Developer Program Newsletter

And there are even more things to come in the near future, so stay with us and don’t miss any updates by subscribing to our Blog.

The reason for this post is that I would like to give you a little more info about the writers of the Mikogo Blog by introducing myself: (more…)

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Mikogo’s popularity is continuing to rise and more & more people from all over the world are now benefiting from free desktop sharing. Consequently we have now registered several new international domains for Mikogo. This is just the first step (more…)

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