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We are pleased to announce Mikogo’s official partnership with SalesImpaq. With integrated business intelligence, SalesImpaq CRM provides leads with proven Fortune 500 sales processes for small business owners and business professionals. SalesImpaq CRM is easy to use and is a powerful productivity tool for professionals, including small practice attorneys, insurance and real estate brokers and agents, contractors, recruiters, small business owners, sole proprietors, and individual salespeople. (more…)

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NOTE: these buttons are no longer available (February 2014). Instead, you can invite your participants to join meetings from your website by using our Session Login Integration.

We received requests from Mikogo users for a solution that would allow them to add Mikogo to their own website, providing a more personal way for participants to join meetings or support sessions. Consequently we are happy to announce that we have designed these new “Join Mikogo” buttons, which will allow you to add the Mikogo participant program to your website/blog and therefore provide an even easier solution for you and your participants.

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Recently we have been at work on equipping Mikogo with even faster free screen sharing. Fine tuning speed and response times is an important task to ensure that Mikogo provides all users (regardless of location around the world) with the best real-time screen sharing experience. So we have taken the Mikogo core screen sharing technology and amped it up! The result: this giraffe will give the cheetahs a run for their money :-) Consequently we are pleased to announce that tomorrow we will release the latest and fastest version of Mikogo: Version 2.0.3

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