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One of the great things about Mikogo and something that has on several occasions led to a “wow” response from Mikogo users is that we provide our software for free. Understandably, a free desktop sharing tool is enjoyed greatly by the Mikogo Community for web conferencing. On the other hand, free software can also be a hot-topic in the blogosphere, and consequently Mikogo has appeared on countless blogs around the world. Yesterday, it was De Web Times where Mikogo made its appearance. (more…)

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With the launch of the new Mikogo website approaching, we are introducing “Share Your Mikogo Story” – where you can share your experience of Mikogo and have yourself or company featured on our new website. Consequently we are looking for interested Mikogo users who would like to share their thoughts and opinions on Mikogo for a case study. If you are interested, please leave a comment under this blog post. Below you can read the Mikogo Story from Bolero Innovations Inc. (more…)

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Over the last several days the papers, TV news programs and online media have been riddled with stories regarding the swine flu. Many people, in the hundreds, have been admitted to hospitals around the world reporting symptoms of the deadly virus. Officials are warning people off crowded places, which begs the question: Can we prevent ourselves from infection by using web conferencing as opposed to traveling for meetings? (more…)

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