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NOTE: these buttons are no longer available (February 2014). Instead, you can invite your participants to join meetings from your website by using our Session Login Integration.

Earlier this year we released a series of Join Mikogo buttons for you to embed in your website. Since the look of Mikogo changed a bit, we bring you a fresh, new bunch of buttons! As before, you are welcome to help yourself to these buttons to add to your website, and allow your session participants to join from your website. (more…)

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Social Media Marketing is one of the most discussed topics of marketing in Germany right now. Can companies still do without social media marketing? What role will other marketing areas, such as email marketing, play in the future? (more…)

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A couple of months ago we put out a blog post about releasing the Mikogo website in further languages and we went out on search for volunteers amongst the Mikogo Community to help us with translation. We received a great response from some die-hard Mikogo fans, and thanks to them it won’t be long until we have our website in several new languages. Speaking of which, since yesterday we now have a German website! Die Mikogo Webseite ist jetzt in Deutsch verfügbar! (more…)

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Steelbro GroupRecently we asked Mikogo users to contact us regarding their Mikogo experience as part of “Share Your Mikogo Story”. We received many interesting and creative stories from users for our Testimonials page. One such story was from Doug Newnham of Steelbro Group. Naturally I enjoyed his story on the first read, but then when I contacted him again about writing an in depth case study I received further quotes & details about Steelbro’s ever-increasing use of Mikogo. Needless to say, his quote “Mikogo beats the pants off anything else” was a standout line. (more…)

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