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Online Sales DemoOnline sales demos are a popular use case for screen sharing software: Prospects are interested in buying a new product/service and want to learn everything they can. The sales rep wants to answer all of the prospect’s questions and clearly demonstrate the product’s benefits – and all this without being in the same room together. Online sales demos work wonders for both prospect and sales rep.

But the sales rep has to nail that first impression to ensure they have any chance of closing the deal. Sales reps can do so by incorporating the following four topics into how they plan and manage their online sales demos.

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Online Meeting Software ApplicationsWhat comes to mind when you first think of online meetings? Many people imagine something futuristic and only used by large global corporations. But any regular online meeting host knows this is not the case. There are many daily business processes which can be facilitated by desktop sharing. You probably experience 2-3 each day but perhaps you have not thought of throwing an online meeting into the mix. By doing so, you can make life easier on yourselves, your employees and even your customers.
Here are just a few interesting areas of application for online meeting software…

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Voice Conferencing Best PracticesIf you’ve read our previous two articles in this series, you already know a lot about the Dos and Don’ts of online voice conferencing via Voice over IP. You’ve got your hardware in place and have familiarised yourself with the features of your voice conferencing software – now all you need are some final useful tips and best practices. If you follow the advice from this article, nothing will keep you from hosting successful online voice conferences the first time, every time.


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