Mikogo SupportDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then this is the blog post for you.
Recently we showed you how you can embed the session login form on your website and participants can join your meetings with no downloads. BUT… that uses the HTML Viewer and this should be used for online sales presentations and meetings.
For remote support, on the other hand, your participants will need to download the Mikogo participant software. Good news! – you can still embed the session login code on your website and your remote support clients can join your sessions with just one click. This is how you do it…

Use the Same Session ID

In order to get any participant to join with just one click, you will have to use the same session ID for all your support sessions. That session ID will then be part of your session login code which you embed on your website. You can save a session ID and use it again and again in your Mikogo Scheduler.

Setting Up Your Support Session ID and Website

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Create a Session in the Scheduler – Call it “Client Support” or something like that. Don’t worry about the date or time. You will start this same session again and again for every support session so the date/time is not important. The important thing is that by creating a scheduled session you will effectively save a session ID in your account which only you can use.
  2. Embed Session Login Code in Your Websitethe code is in this PDF. Replace the “000000000″ with your new session ID. (You can also edit “ParticipantName” too if you wish.) Then paste the whole code snippet into your website. It will appear like this on your site:

    Remote Support Session
    powered by Mikogo

    Now there is just a button there for your participants to click on. No need to give them a session ID.

  3. Make the Support Profile the Default Profile – When your participant joins, you want to view and control their screen immediately. To ensure this you need to set the Support profile as the default profile. You can do this by pressing the Default Profile button button at the bottom of the Profile Manager while the Support profile is highlighted.
  4. Scheduled sessionStart a Remote Support Session – open your Scheduler, select your “Client Support” session and double-click it. Your session will start with your saved session ID. When your participant goes to your website and clicks on the “Join session” button they will be prompted to run the participant software. When they do this they will instantly join your session and you will be viewing and controlling their computer.

So there are a couple of things you have to do to get this working, but you only have to do it once. After you have created a support session in your Scheduler and embedded the code in your website, you can use the same session and hence the same session ID again and again. This means you just start the session and your participants instantly join from your website.

Discussion: do you use Mikogo for remote support? By embedding the session ID into the code and asking participants to just click the button and run the software, how will this improve your remote support sessions with clients?