Easter EggsEaster is fast approaching this long weekend and the Easter Bunny has already visited the Mikogo website, showering us with many beautiful colored eggs. And with all these eggs we thought it would be fun to celebrate and have an Easter egg hunt!

We have carefully placed eight Easter eggs on eight different pages of the Mikogo website. The first person to find the eight eggs will win a free one-year Mikogo Pro+ Plan (single-user).

Note: The Easter egg hunt is over! Congratulations to Nicole who found all eight eggs first

The eggs look just like the eggs in the picture to the right. But please note that these eggs to the right on this page don’t count and this blog post is not one of the eight pages :-)

When you find all eight eggs, leave a comment below with the titles of all eight pages where you found the eggs. The first person to leave a comment with all correct pages, will win.

Let the Easter egg hunt begin!