Since Mikogo stepped on to the collaboration market, we have received many emails congratulating us on the free desktop sharing tool. While the majority of people have written to compliment and praise us for providing a software tool that meets their online meeting needs, a few have done a little more than this by sharing a couple of their creative and impressive experiences of Mikogo.

Yesterday we received one such email from a regular Mikogo user, Mark Lantz. Mark wrote to us about a recent problem he had and how Mikogo had been the “lifesaver” of the situation.

Mark wrote:

“I will share a good Mikogo story. Recently, I lost my keyboard on my good computer. Only USB hookups, so no backup keyboard. I had my mouse, so I got a Mikogo session going with a computer on my home network. After changing control, I then had a keyboard, so cool. I was then able to order another keyboard. I did this procedure to keep me going for about a week.
Keep doing what you are doing! We appreciate it. Thanks again.”

This was not the first creative story that we’ve received. Other users have mentioned some interesting situations where they became the hero to their parents, children, grandparents, as well as their parent-in-laws, simply because they assisted their family via Mikogo remote support. And of course we are pleased to hear that Mikogo’s remote support function is helping so many people in so many different occasions.

If you have also used Mikogo in a creative way, or perhaps had an amusing experience where Mikogo got you out of a sticky situation (like it did for Mark), please feel free to let us know. Simply leave a comment below with your story, or feel free to email it to us: [email protected]