Mikogo’s popularity is continuing to rise and more & more people from all over the world are now benefiting from free desktop sharing. Consequently we have now registered several new international domains for Mikogo. This is just the first step as we continue to internationalize Mikogo’s free screen sharing.

www.mikogo.de (Germany)
www.mikogo.at (Austria)
www.mikogo.be (Belgium)
www.mikogo.co.uk (Great Britain)
www.mikogo.es (Spain)
www.mikogo.fr (France)
www.mikogo.it (Italy)
www.mikogo.nl (Netherlands)
www.mikogo.pl (Poland)
www.mikogo.in (India)
www.mikogo.us (USA)
www.mikogo.eu (Europe)

As well as a few general domains to help those Mikogo seekers find our homepage:

You can now use any of the above domains to reach our website and join free online meetings.