Mikogo thank you

Last week we sent out a quick questionnaire on the newly released Mikogo version 2.0. The response was huge! So many emails from people who wanted to share their opinions and experiences on the new version thus far by praising the Mikogo Team on the new software, as well as others who needed to urgently report a problem with their upgrade to the new version.

While there have been a few reported issues with the upgrade process (such as the Win2000 error), all in all the feedback on the new software was really positive. So we just wanted to say thanks for all those compliments.

For those who reported an issue when upgrading and using Mikogo v2.0, we really appreciate the details that you sent along with screenshots. We have looked into these issues and have been working hard to fix them in order to release an updated version of Mikogo that will solve these problems. We appreciate you taking the time to assist us here, and for your continual support of our free desktop sharing tool.

Furthermore, the two questions, “What features would you like to see added?” and “If you were a part of the Mikogo Team, what would you change?” received a lot of great suggestions and comments. Thanks a lot for all that – some suggestions received a lot of support from many Mikogo users. So we will definitely use this feedback when fine-tuning Mikogo in the future.

Btw, there were several feedback emails from users asking how they can retrieve their password. For future needs or anyone who is just about to upgrade for the first time and who may need this, you can retrieve your password from here: Reset Password

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for further news on Mikogo v2.0